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About Us

PT Tamaddun Inti Perkasa is one of the companies engaged in the production and general trade of halal-thoyyib based food products.

The short-term focus is in the field of cooking spices such as beef broth, chicken broth, powder pepper, and seasoning flour. Halal-thoyyib’s cooking spices are a short-term focus because cooking spices are a kitchen necessity that is a necessity for its existence. From here, it is hoped the starting point for building a healthy family begins.

halawa products

Considering that it is still necessary to increase the standard of kitchen needs both in quality and quantity, this has led to the birth of PT Tamaddun Inti Perkasa. It is a necessity for us as part of a vast nation to take part and take part in creating a healthy society by providing HEALTHY-HALAL-THOYYIB kitchen needs.

Based on this simple idea, PT Tamaddun Inti Perkasa presents Halawa products to complement the healthy kitchen needs. In the production process, Halawa is expected to be able to meet standards that can penetrate competitive advantages in the global market. Halawa’s target is to improve the quality of delicious, healthy, and halal-thoyyib food.