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Halawa Seasoning

Seasoning is an integral part of every dish. Various natural spices and flavors make it full of flavor. Halawa Seasoning is a contemporary product that presents a distinctive taste of the archipelago in economical and hygienic packaging.

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Food becomes an essential part of a lifestyle. Therefore, maintaining diet, food ingredients, and even seasoning must be considered if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, at this time, almost all food ingredients are not out of touch with chemicals. Starting from fertilization, pest control, until post-harvest processing.

Halawa understands the community’s need for seasonings that are guaranteed halal, healthy, and delicious taste. Halawa comes with a series of quality and quality controls, using only natural ingredients for the creation of healthy cooking spices.

Why Halawa?

A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy food ingredients, including healthy and natural seasonings. The existence of healthy and natural seasoning cannot be underestimated because there is almost no food that does not use seasoning. Mixing seasoning for various purposes of various dishes is undoubtedly troublesome. Halawa is here to present a variety of spices in an instant but delicious, healthy, and halal.

Halawa is a seasoning that contains flavors derived from original ingredients, not artificial flavorings. Food colors that appear from natural ingredients, not artificial coloring. The ultimate goal is healthy and delicious food without difficulty in processing it.

What Distinguishes Halawa From Other Seasoning Products?

  • Original Halal Meat. The chicken and beef broth used is high-quality original halal meat, not just a meat flavor. The process of slaughter is following Islamic law for the sake of its halal value. Then the meat is extracted and made into a seasoning stock.
  • Enriched with archipelago spices. Halawa products are enriched with various kinds of natural spices of the archipelago that are free from pesticides.
  • Natural Ingredient. Halawa is made from high-quality natural ingredients, free of pesticides, and without harmful synthetic chemicals.

What are The Product Variants of Halawa?

Halawa has three variants: broth seasoning, pepper powder, and seasoned flour.

  • Halawa Broth Seasoning is a broth seasoning available in two flavors: beef and chicken. Because it uses the ingredients of fresh chicken and beef meat, then you will get the original taste of meat, not meat flavor.
  • Halawa Pepper Powder is made from high-quality pepper seeds. After going through a rigorous selection process, the pepper seeds are processed.
  • Halawa Seasoned Flour is ready to be used to make a variety of fried foods. It is made from selected flour from plantations that produce natural wheat seeds. Furthermore, the flour is mixed with various spices typical of the archipelago.

What is The Superiority of Halawa?

Natural Ingredient

Halawa is made from natural ingredients. The chicken and beef broth used is ultimately from high-quality natural meat.

Healthy and Halal

Halawa provides seasoning products for your needs with high-quality standards, healthy, and also halal.

Quality Assurance

The quality of Halawa products is maintained from the beginning of manufacture until it reaches consumers, and already has a Halal certificate.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Halawa?

Halawa is a brand name product manufactured by PT. Tamaddun Inti Perkasa from Indonesia.

What are the Halawa products?

Halawa has three product variants, namely: broth, pepper powder, and seasoned flour.

Halawa product packaging includes 8g pepper powder packaging, 12g and 500g chicken flavored broth, 12g and 500g beef flavored broth, and 100g seasoned flour.

How do you get Halawa?

You can buy at stores that have spread in many cities in Indonesia. You can also buy online by contacting our sales staff via WhatsApp / SMS.

How do you become a Halawa product reseller?

By purchasing a certain amount of Halawa products, you can become a reseller/agent. For more detailed information, please contact us.

How do you become a reseller of Halawa products outside Indonesia?

Please contact us for further detailed information.

If you still have questions, please contact us.